These exhibits let you take the role of figures from history. Whether you become a medieval merchant or an aviation pioneer, you face the same problems they did and understand how they felt.

Design a plane

The Yorkshire Air Museum were looking for a way of bringing to life a local aviation pioneer called Robert Blackburn. There aren't many pictures of Robert and he always looks very stern. We created an interactive which lets you relive the decisions the Blackburn Aircraft company made when designing three of its aircraft. Design your aircraft and then try and test flight to see if it flies. Thanks to Bivouac for design and plane illustration.

Customs Cutter Simulator

The Merseyside Maritime museum had a problem. How do you communicate the challenges and visceral nature of ships and the sea using static objects in glass cases? When the gallery is focused on Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (tax collection) the problem becomes acute. We used 3D game technology to create an exciting simulation of sailing a Customs Cutter on a mission to catch offshore smugglers. Paragon Creative created a full size reconstruction of a Cutter wheelhouse, complete with steering wheel and throttle. Visitors sail down the river and need to avoid the shore, buoys and other ships. They also need to deal with real Customs issues such as tainted fuel and maritime law. Not surprisingly, this has quickly become the most popular exhibit in the gallery.

Find out
more about Merchant Adventurers

Find out more is one of two kiosks I created for the Company of Merchant Adventurers in York. This is an information rich exhibit containing a complete story of the hall, 3D reconstructions of the hall through the ages, a timeline and a quiz. The exhibit is constructed so that it is easy for the Company staff to update the content. It is also being converted to run on the company's website and will be distributed on a CD to schools in the surrounding area. For this exhibit I worked with Bivouac for the design and illustration and Bright White for the 3D animation.

Be a merchant

Be a Merchant is one of two kiosks I created for the Company of Merchant Adventurers in York. The game gives you a chance to try your hand at being a medieval merchant. You have to buy and sell goods all over Europe and try to make as much money as possible. The game is based on real historical archives and features a stunning medieval map of Europe. For this exhibit I worked with Bivouac for the design and illustration.

Bootham Bar installation

Bootham Bar is a medieval gateway in the city of York. York City Council asked me to create an installation within the Bar which would encourage people to walk round the City Walls. We created a large table projection which features a multiplayer quiz and a film showing the route around the city walls. The installation has been very popular with tourists and you often find crowds of them playing it. For this exhibit we had help from Paragon Creative, Bivouac and Sheard TV.


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