We're a social species but often exhibitions don't recognise this. These innovative exhibits let visitors add to the exhibition with rich and often surprising results.

Launchpad Trace system

The Science Museum in London revamped its popular Launchpad gallery in November 2007. The museum was keen to encourage visitors to reflect on the experience and leave a trace of their visit behind so we created the Trace system to do this. Visitors create drawings or comments which are then scanned in and displayed on screens in the gallery. Gallery staff can control the whole experience using a web based content management system.

Trash fashion

The Science Museum opened its Trash Fashion exhibition in 2010. The exhibition looks at how new technology is allowing the Fashion Industry to reduce waste and increase recycling. We created an exhibit which allowed members of the public to upload their refashioned garments to Flickr. The exhibit then automatically downloads them and displays them on the gallery.

Visitor feedback system

I created an extensive kiosk system for the Science Museum in London to allow them to collect comments from their visitors on a range of issues. The comments are then moderated and sent back to the gallery where they can be displayed onkiosks, projections or the website. The system is known as Tell and consists of several kiosks and a web based moderating system which is capable of handling over 100,000 comments a year. The images show a kiosk on the theme of Genetic testing for huntington disease


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