Visitors are keen for information about art. But how do you provide it without overwhelming the piece itself? Our understated art interpretion blends in with the background until its needed.

Morris & Co

The William Morris gallery in Walthamstow, London has undergone a major refurbishment. The curators asked us to create a game to help visitors understand Morris's business. The final result is surprisingly addictive and gives a real feel for the challenges Morris faced. We worked with Maraid who produced a lovely graphic look which gives modern spin on the Victorians.

William Morris map

The William Morris map allows visitors to explore Walthamstow and find Morris related locations. The exhibit contains both a modern and Victorian map and you can compare the two and see how the area has changed. Thanks to Maraid for drawing gorgeous maps and other graphics.

Art labels

The Science Museum's Energy gallery contains several commissioned contemporary artworks. We created a touchscreen label for each of these to interpret them to gallery visitors. We worked with design company Graphic Thought Facility to make sure that the labels complemented the existing gallery graphic scheme.

Gary Hill art interpretation

HanD - HearD variation is a stunning art work by the acclaimed artist Gary Hill. At over 14m high, the projected installation is one of his largest and is displayed in the Science Museum. I created a simple kiosk to interpret the work for visitors to the museum.


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