Commissioning a museum computer exhibit can be a confusing business. This page has links to documents written by a range of experts. At the moment a lot of this advice is from people I know. But if you know of some other good advice on the web let me know and I'll add a link.


Information from the Scottish Museums Council. Well written and useful. If you don't do anything else then read the recommendations on page 7 of the summary report. Although designed for web projects the advice is spookily similar to my documents about gallery exhibits - which is nice.
This is a huge resource aimed at those developing on line "collections style" web sites. There's lots of good stuff here but I found it all a bit unfocused - it doesn't really address why you would want to develop a site like this and why visitors would want to use it.
Once you've got past the pdf file format these are surprisingly well written guidelines on making web sites usable and accessible.